- April 16, Release of Maudlin Ballads: An Ellegy Regarding the Death of Surrealism by Jim Lopez

- Dec. 20, 2013: Literary Underground Podcast Interview .

- Oct. 28, 2013: Synthesis Interview, "Stories of Purgatory & Paradise: Darkly Divine Comedy," with Jayme Washburn (Volume 20, Issue 11)

- Oct. 6, 2013: Gint Aras, Liguid Ink. writes, "Jim Lopez: 'Hacking his own language out of everything at hand…'”

- Sept. 2013: Rolling Thunder Quarterly

- April, 2013: My collection of short stories, "Abstracts of an American Pageant", can be purchased in Los Angeles at Skylight Books.

- November 28, 2012: Radio Interview with Tony DuShane "Drinks With Tony" on Valencia Radio 87.9 FM in San Francisco. 7pm.

- June 2012: Abstracts of an American Pageant




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